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Blast Fundraising

The Wellsboro Football team is using Blast Athletics to fundraise for this season. Blast is a friends and family fundraiser that utilizes text and email to collect donations. Then, through the same Blast page, we are able to post scores, schedules, videos, photos and recaps. The coverage we post will be emailed to those who donated every Tuesday.

How It Works

  1. Each member of the team will upload 20 contacts into the Blast app who want to donate.
  2. Once sponsors receive a donation request all they have to do is click the link, choose who they want to sponsor, and pay with their credit card.
  3. Family & friends who donated will receive a weekly update containing the pictures, videos, scores, recaps and MVPs posted the week before.

Get Started

  1. Learn Blast in 100 seconds
  2. Visit Wellsboro Football's Blast Athletics page.
  3. Click "Join Team" in the top right-hand corner.
  4. Create an account or sign in if you already have a Blast Athletics account.
  5. Download the Blast app for either iOS or Android and sign in.

Watch this video for more information.