Howard Hanna Professionals

Article 1 - Organization

This organization shall be a non-profit, unincorporated association, unless state laws require differently. The name of the organization shall be: Wellsboro Gridders Club.

Location: Wellsboro, PA 16901

Article II - Purpose

Section 1

The Wellsboro Gridders club exists for the purpose of broadening the involvement of students, student families and the school in the football program, as well as building a solid foundation for future players. The club works to achieve this through active participation of as many parents as possible.

  • To support, promote, and maintain a high standard of integrity and good sportsmanship.
  • To foster and promote good will and fraternal spirit among the members.
  • To promote and encourage better attendance to football activities by the parents, and friends of athletes, the students, and faculty of the high school.
  • To promote and encourage more young men and women to get involved in athletics, either as an active participant or as a volunteer assistant such as statistician, etc.
  • To raise funds to assist the monetary needs of the football program.
  • Budgets are to be established at the beginning of each year. The head coach will submit a list of needs to the committee. The committee chairman will then present the budget for approval by a 2/3 majority vote of the general membership in attendance.

Article III - Membership

Section I

Parents and friends of all past or present student athletes, and such other sports interested and acceptable persons who desire membership shall be eligible for membership in the association.

Section II

A member in good standing is defined by attending 25% of club meetings in a calendar year.

Section III

All active coaches will automatically be considered ex-officio members of the association.

Article IV - Officer Elections

Section I - Officers

Officers shall consist of a President, Treasurer, and Secretary. There shall be such additional officers, committee chairpersons, and other officials as the President shall appoint from time to time.

Section II - Election of Officers

Election of officers shall take place at the meeting of the Association to be held in August of each year or as near there to as is reasonable (the election meeting). The slate of officers should be presented to the membership at the July meeting or a meeting proceeding the election meeting (the Nomination Meeting). The proposed slate shall be nominated by a nominating committee, hereafter defined, and the committee may nominate more than one proposed officer for each position. The proposed nominations may be accepted by the nominating committee in their sole consideration from the floor during the Nomination Meeting or the nominating committee may generate nominations itself. The full slate or slates as nominated by the nominating committee must be accepted by the Executive Board will be presented and voted upon the Election Meeting.

Section III - Nominating Committee

The nominating committee shall consist of five members; two shall be elected by the Executive Board; two shall be elected from the floor at a general meeting of the Association to be held preceding the Nomination Meeting; and one shall be the head coach.

Section IV - Term

Officers shall serve for one year and not for more than four years, consecutively.

Section V - Eligibility

Only members in good standing shall hold office or vote in elections, unless this provision is waived by the Executive Board.

Section VI - Voting

Voting shall be by secret ballot at the Election Meeting. There shall be an election committee of three, appointed by the President of the Association on the day of the election of officers.

The duty of the election committee shall be to pass out the ballots, collect the ballots, count them and the chairman of that committee is to read the final count to the Association. In the event there is more than one person nominated for any one office, then whoever wins the majority of votes cast shall be deemed winner of the election. In the event there is but one nominee for any particular office, and that nominee does not receive the majority of votes cast, then the Executive Board shall appoint an eligible member to serve in that office, and hold that office until next regular election, or in the alternative, the Executive Board may determine to hold another election for that particular office. The President, with the consent of the nominating committee, may forego the secret balloting and call for election by voice vote if he deems that the electors are clearly in favor of such procedure.

Section VII - Installation

Installation of officers shall be at the August meeting, at which time the new officers shall take over their duties in all matters affecting the current subsequent Football Season.

Section VIII - Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Association shall be the in August. At the annual meeting, all annual reports shall be received and the new officers, retiring board, and the newly elected officers and new board, if organized, shall hold a joint session. At the joint session, the retiring officers and board all transfer all books and papers in their possession and belonging to the Association to the new administration, and otherwise advise the new administration as to the status of affairs of the Association.

Section IX

Past presidents who are still members of the Association shall remain on the Executive Board.

Article V - Finance

Section I

All monies received by the Club for any purpose shall be deposited to the credit of the Club in a financial institution or institutions selected by resolution of the Executive Board.

Section II

Funds raised by the Club that have a specific advertised purpose, shall be deposited (and separately tracked) in the Club's general fund to ensure that it is disbursed for the advertised purpose and to safeguard the integrity of the Club. No vote is required by the general membership unless the advertised purpose has been altered or changed since the project's inception.

Section III

Funds in the financial institution must remain above $500.00.

Article VI – Amendment of These By-laws

Section I

Amendments to the By-laws are to be submitted in writing at a regular Executive Board Meeting prior to the Annual Business Meeting. Notice of the amendments shall be publicized by direct mail or e-mail to the membership at least two weeks prior to the Annual Business Meeting.

Section II

Amendments may be adopted at the Annual Business Meeting by a 2/3 majority of those Club members voting, a quorum being present.

Article VII - Dissolution of Club

Dissolution of the Club entity. Should the Wellsboro Gridders Club cease to operate as a legal entity, all of the Club assets and cash will be distributed to the Head Football Coach. Once distributed, the funds can be used at the discretion of the team's Head Coach and/or duly authorized designate.