Howard Hanna Professionals

Criteria and Application

  • Candidate must be a graduating senior from Wellsboro High School.
  • Candidate must have participated at least 2 years on the Wellsboro football team, one of which was as a senior.
  • Candidate has been accepted in College or Technical School for a minimum 2 year program.
  • Candidate has helped and participated in at least 4 Gridders Club functions (for example has helped out with a fundraiser specifically held to support the football fund).
  • Candidate, through graduation, must abide by school standards and rules including abstaining from alcohol and controlled substances, as well as have a good moral character as determined by the Wellsboro Gridders Club.

Selection Process

Applying applicant is to complete an essay noting how football has influenced their life. Submit the essay and application form to

The essay will be received by the Club President and de-identified. The de-identified essay will be provided during a Gridders meeting and read by all present. The club members will then place their vote based on the essay, as well as the eligibility criteria as outlined above (The Club President will refrain from voting to remain impartial).

Application deadline is May 10, 2017. Selected candidate to be announced at the Wellsboro Hornets Sports Booster Club Awards Night.