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By: Ed Weaver  /  March 13, 2007

Before last August, when an athlete was injured, they were usually referred to Williamsport for evaluation and rehabilitation. Now, with the partnership between the Wellsboro School District and Laurel Health, athletes can get the local attention they need to get back on their way to a speedy recovery.

Before the start of the Fall athletic season, Laurel Health and the Wellsboro School District were able to hire athletic trainer Andi Lucas, which gave Wellsboro's athletic programs the extra needed boost to stay competitive with other districts around the area.

Besides the occasional bumps, bruises, strains, and sprains athletes get from competition, there are times when serious injuries can occur. With the cooperation between the Wellsboro School District and Laurel Health, find out how two freshman football players, Marc Straniere and Josh Mihalik, were able to overcome their injuires and keep participating in the sports they love.

Click here for Marc's story.

Click here for Josh's story.


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